The Wild Wetlands…

Quick one cause it’s late and we’re off on another road trip in the morn … make that a few hours. I’m watching the American Idol repeat as I type this … the other J.Lo … fierce in her leopard print non? 🙂

So our recent venture into rural wilderness, we leave the city limits to see stuff like this?

But then we also got to soak in scenes like this…

The Paya Indah Wetlands. A swamp sanctuary dotted with lakes and lotus. Which didn’t really do it for the kids…

Though this guy did…

As did this gaggle…

And helloo there…

And whad’ya know … we ambled into our good friends … intrepidly exploring on their bikes…

Hey Candy Girl and ZW 🙂

We abandoned the pedaling of course…

Cause Sprig had her own plans…

Her needle got stuck in the groove of Hi Duk ♥

Though a nearby enclosure just about contained the grazing stomping chomping highlight…

Hey Sweet Lips!

Ooh and gleee … the grub-barrow…



And her…

Junior Masterchef is cookin’ now…

Have a safe weekend all.


About goddessmoments

Am happiest when exploring our ever-shrinking big blue marble with my camera in hand.
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17 Responses to The Wild Wetlands…

  1. Tini says:

    The hippo’s close up shots look like my facial pores….ohhh! Love the photos and stories..but I always do!

  2. Rahsia Estates Sdn Bhd says:

    Beautiful photos of the wetlands and your family, dear ! it looks like your lil gorgeous Sprig and her daddy had a great time.. Alex as a teen may have gotten bored ( I know the feeling – same same with teen Syasya )

    You take great photos ! Love them all especially the Lotus pond !

    • Thank you 🙂 Actually Alexander loved the hippos and he’s a big fan of crocs. So they were all happy once I stopped lying on the ground by the lake snapping away 😉

  3. Viji Krishnamoorthy says:

    Love this post Shireen!! xx

  4. Melissa says:

    LOVE the hippo pix :)… wat was his/her breath like? hehehe

  5. And a lovely weekend to you too dear xoxo

  6. And a lovely weekend to you too love.

    Look forward to your posts…. xoxo

  7. Candice says:

    Hey fantastic piccies luv! Love the ducks!

    And you are very naughty to be snapping people’s behinds from the car…

  8. Sian Abdullah Ngo says:

    Wow amazing photos! x

  9. Deborah Fiona Nonis says:

    so cute! your Sprig n her duckies 🙂 and the crocs – it seemed like you were so close!

  10. Sarah Ismail says:

    wonderful pics

  11. Thank you all 🙂 We were actually pretty close to the crocs – just a wall between us!

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