Blogs Blocks and Brunei…

Since I last posted (seventeen days ago – the last post was by my guestblogger Stuart – thank you kindly again dude) I have been to 9 birthday bashes, 2 farewell dinners, 3 orthodontic appointments, a brilliant concert, a less-than-brilliant musical, hammered away at my quest to attain a level of fitness with runs hikes yoga pilates trx jukari latin dancing, eaten more healthily, rediscovered the exquisite pleasure of Sri Lankan Crab and English Cake, overeaten, put together a photobook that I’m really excited about, learned the songs for Sprig’s new term at music class, learned the moves to Sprig’s new gymnastics class, signed up for a creative writing course that I intend to stick at this time, still not managed to catch the whole of a single week of American Idol, become an online vendor 🙂yeah exciting stuff – and – uhm – popped over to Brunei for a couple of nights.

I could’ve blogged there I suppose, especially since I’d been warned that there is ab-so-frikkin-lute-ly nothing to do in Brunei. But instead I went equipped…

Ken Robinson ~ who may well be responsible for Sprig’s unschooling, April’s Bazaar ~ cleverly edited by Ms SunnyT, and Hello Hag oops! Mag ~ perfect for poolside flipping but which sadly remained untouched all trip.

Cause I was just too mesmerised by this view from our room…

It really is this miragelike. Our private backyard lagoon. Actually the whole gilded gargantuan hotel was like this. Miragelike. And very empty. It had its own tres plush cinema where at 10am me myself and I watched a screening of Matt Damon hunting down Emily Blunt ~ in absolute solitary opulence. Surreal really.

So we ventured out in search of reality…

We found ambuyat ~ which will not, sad to say, be making my list of favourite meals. And beautiful mosques. But then the stormy skies broke. Perfect blogging-in-bed weather. But as we were already wet we instead headed over to Kampung Ayer…

Where we watched and waited…

And the skies reigned in just a bit…

Just enough to give us this…

♥ ♥ ♥

Gotta get back to my Hello Mag now 😉



About goddessmoments

Am happiest when exploring our ever-shrinking big blue marble with my camera in hand.
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3 Responses to Blogs Blocks and Brunei…

  1. Hanizah Tun Abdul Hamid says:

    Shireen dearest, thru your lens and a creative eye, you’ve managed to capture Brunei in such a different and amazing light ! Brunei has never looked so romantic and alluring. Your blog is great.. Langkawi next ?

  2. Thank you Hanizah 🙂 Yes Langkawi definitely!

  3. Hanizah Tun Abdul Hamid says:

    When you return let’s meet and chat. Have a safe trip and God bless you and yours xxx

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