Goddess Moments… My 200th :)

The Verandah . Emas House . The Dusun . Kampung Pantai

3pm. A couple of days ago

Spouse is slipping slowly into a red and white coma on large cushions scattered just outside our bedroom. Its sliding doors are wide open and I can see our luggage against wooden slats, cool white sheets, the lazy rotations of the ceiling fan. Big Sister and Zara are napping upstairs in the loft. As is Sprig on the sofabed in the living space. Her pacifier bobs in and out as she sucks and breathes. She has perfect rhythm. Sprog is hunched over the small dining table – skull earphones clamped on tight. He’s muttering to himself. Maybe that’s singing. Zaid sits cross-legged by his feet. Fully focused on a post-lunch post-dessert ?nth-helping of chicken friedrice leftovers. Every few minutes he rises nimbly to cartwheel silently. He never stops chewing. Beth and Em who help us have ambled over to Berembun House their abode for the night.

I am deep in a low-slung deckchair. Feet propped on a glass topped table on which also rests a hastily restacked Jenga and green tea in a red mug. Book on lap. Quietly filling up on this moment. This goddess moment.

Distant thunder rumbles. A friendly warning softly growled. The skies are gorgeous epic sculptures of pale grey cloud. Brilliantly rimmed by white sunlight. Gusty winds lift the branches overhead. Green leaves gently bounce. Yellow ones spiral down. They land on me, around me. In monoseasonal Malaysia … this is my favourite weather … when it showers golden leaves.

The house will awaken soon. The family will shake off their post-lunch languour. Rested from a morning of battleshrieking and adventure. We will pad barefoot in bathers to the pool. Venture in search of durian trees and run from buzzing insects. The barbeque will be perfectly prepped before the rains arrive. And yes there will be marshmallows.

But this goddess moment right here. It’s all I need. It is but fleeting. And it is perfect.



About goddessmoments

Am happiest when exploring our ever-shrinking big blue marble with my camera in hand.
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17 Responses to Goddess Moments… My 200th :)

  1. Areena Kimidoll says:

    How many followers do you have?

  2. Deborah Fiona Nonis says:

    Where is this Shireen? Looks like a lovely getaway – something to do when Cat gets home

  3. Jia-Ping Lee says:

    Where is this place. Is it easy to get to?

  4. Juarez Lowe says:

    Great shots! Love the movement on the HDR shots as well!

  5. @Debs and Ping – it’s in Kampung Pantai, about 20 minutes from Seremban. Easy to get to yes though the access road is quite steep πŸ™‚

  6. nadia says:

    Gorgeous photographs!

  7. Tini says:

    Thank you for making me take the time and space…kids are still talking about their ‘kampung experience’…love!!!! To better, fun memories to build with children! Yeay! Jeng,jeng,jeng…JENGAAAA!

  8. Mariana says:

    Perfection. Photos and writing are bliss, truly. Congratulations on the 200th, you are flying from good to brilliance. Hugs xxx

  9. gg says:

    I see what you mean!….some parallel holiday there complete with dodol kuali pits and Nerf guns….heh….I stand by what I said about you and your own travel show/column….I know, I know….but I would so tune in and I don’t watch tv nor *cough* read the papers….anyhoo, I hope the powers-that-be lays one on you that you can’t refuse!

    • You copy my backtonature break ( ;-p) and you flatter me trop ma cherie πŸ™‚ LOL while cringing!! No shows!

      Would love to sink teeth into writing with substantive thought sometime though πŸ™‚

  10. Deborah Fiona Nonis says:

    Do you have an address and phone number? Or website? Thanks Shireen! πŸ™‚

  11. Feezy Alhady says:

    very cozy feeling ey sleepin in the loft !!! I had my room done up the same way with a wooden strips for the ceiling and over looking a lounge down below.Kampong home style of living is totally cool

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