What Candice Ate…

Continuing My Guestblog Series Of Eating ♥

On A Crusade

Ever since at the age of 10, I ambitiously served my sister a chewy steak, my father has labeled me a cook to avoid at all cost; a reputation I’ve never been able to shake despite the years and people who pass through my table.

When the old man’s birthday came along recently, I pounced on the opportunity for redemption. He begrudgingly accepted, while I nervously racked my head for a meal that would serve as my savior. I finally decided to marry the crusade to clear my name, with my long-term pursuit of the elusive, perfect Beef Wellington.

Who can resist the impressive architecture of puff and duxelle encasing tender, rare and juicy beef? A good Beef Wellington needs plenty of patience and love but I found that investing in a really good piece of meat helps too!

My Beef Wellington turned out quite pretty after all (even though the base was little soggy), despite being treated with an unnecessary range of temperatures in the cooking process (in and out of the oven as dictated by Friday night traffic, a misreading of the oven icons by my maid, and frequent nervous twisting of the temperature knob by me). Somehow, somehow when I sliced it in half, all turned out well. The diners, hungry and anxious from sitting in the car for over an hour welcomed it with encouraging “oohs” and “aahs” and ate with gusto!

Served with a mountain of roast potatoes, vegetables slathered with salted butter and a good Shiraz, there was little room for error.

In line with the retro theme, it was followed with a home-made fruit tart.

Name cleared.


Thank you Candice 🙂



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4 Responses to What Candice Ate…

  1. Scrummy Candy Girl !

    Am really enjoying sitting ‘a la table’ with those who have graciously agreed to guestblog their eating rituals. Till this online invite to partake materialises into my offline world then … 😉

    • Candice says:

      Your “a la table” shall be a reality soon…let me perfect the dish and have you guys over 🙂 Thanks for posting, it was fun doing this!

  2. Saiful Bahari Baharom says:

    Is that Beef Wellington? I WANT SOME!

  3. Feezy Alhady says:

    yummmyyyy my favourite usually have it over at the shangrila’s

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