What Spouse Ate…

The first in my fortnightly guest blogpost series. What They Ate…  xox

What I dug up from our fridge… Breakfast…

Melted parmesan & cheddar cheese on farmers bread topped off with a fried egg. Seasoned with mustard, sea salt, and basil flakes.

While online, hunting for places to eat, (yes I love my food), I stumbled across a review for Dong Yi Shun, a Muslim Chinese restaurant.. It’s located in the depths of Kelana Jaya next to a tyre shop. The restaurant is decorated with Islamic motifs in Arabic and Chinese characters. Unlike the Chinese Muslim restaurants in Beijing, beer is not served :(. Lamb and mutton feature heavily on the menu and specialties include dumplings and the hand pulled noodles.

We have missed our Shanghai dumpling fix since Yi Qi @ Bukit Bintang closed over a year ago. The Shanghai dumplings here are good but the seafood dumplings are the standouts. Especially dipped in vinegar and with the fiery chilli oil.

The Ma Po beancurd is very good – how can you go wrong with smooth tofu smothered in chilli and chicken? The butter prawns are sinfully rich but the prawns were obviously frozen.

Dong Yi Shun is the place to go to for simple, unpretentious comfort food (especially if you happen to be in Kelana Jaya).

Cold spinach with bonito flakes, Edo Ichi Restaurant, Solaris Dutamas, Kuala Lumpur, Feb 2010.

As a frequent customer of the Edo Ichi Cafe (at Vista Kiara Condominium), I was excited when I saw Edo Ichi at Solaris Dutamas. It didn’t disappoint. You know the food is authentic when more than 50% of the restaurant is Japanese! The spinach was crunchy, swimming in a pool of light soya sauce with slightly salty and light bonito flakes. Great as a snack or in our case as an appetizer before the feast began!



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7 Responses to What Spouse Ate…

  1. Thank you so much for kicking-off what I hope will be a fortnightly guest-blog post on EATING 🙂 The What He/She Ate Series…

    Love the first pic!


  2. Mariana says:

    Well, spouse is as talented at leaving me hungry as you are, so I bow to you both! lol

  3. Pia Zain says:

    Yum. Spouse is a GOOD eater 🙂 LOVE breakfast, I want some!

  4. Yes I liked the breakfast pic best 🙂 Didn’t actually taste breakfast!

  5. Juarez Lowe says:

    Will make it for you soon honey!

  6. Candice says:

    Damn Juarez…I’m on a diet…

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