Our whole household is obsessed with caterpillar-watching these days. Yes really. To repeat this long-ish story (for some of you) my awesome-homeschooling-mom friend KLT gave us some juicy caterpillars from a batch of dozens she found scrambling around a fallen dead tree near her home. Sooooo we’re  caring for these, hoping The Very Hungry Caterpillars, will leap off the pages of Eric Carle into our home and metamorphose into GRAND NEW (Sprog coined the phrase when he was 3 – grand new certainly makes more sense than brand new I say!)  flying creatures to be let loose in search of butterfly adventure ♥ They may however be moths. Whatever.

Three days into our guardianship and it really has NOT been easy. We lost 2 on the first day, received another 2 from KLT yesterday, and after some debate and much googling, have made a few changes to their surroundings and food. We’re praying all goes well.

And today we added carrots and apples  (Spouse found this suggestion on an American website) but I suspect Malaysian caterpillars may chomp to a different diet…

The point is – it’s all trial, error and heaps of faith. Hoping for the miracle of chrysalis. That sheltered unseen stage of growth that’s needed before they’re ready to emerge … grown … transformed. You know, that state that us people go though on a pretty regular basis 🙂 Cocooning in chrysalis if we’re to keep learning and stretching ourselves. Before we spread our wings and set out on our next big life adventure. And if we’re really lucky there’s someone who watches out for us ♥

Or at least bars to protect us from excitedly flailing limbs 😉



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Am happiest when exploring our ever-shrinking big blue marble with my camera in hand.
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10 Responses to Chrysalis…

  1. Freckled Imp says:

    They’re gigantic! They are indeed juicy. Hmm….wonder if yummy too? *grin*

  2. Karen Loong says:

    i love their abode!!

    • Gosh Karen – we’ve had to move them this morning into a tupperware with holes. I’m worried and hoping… One of the caterpillars started spinning a cocoon last night. We were so happy! BUT this morning I found the same caterpillar (much smaller in size) still trying to spin and noticed silk in 3 different places. The poor thing had tried to spin a cocoon all night! The silk obviously kept getting caught on the cage/box and spread out over a small area instead of wrapping around the caterpillar 😦 😦 😦 We’ve gently moved them all into a tupperware now but gosh – I just don’t know. Think we should have run out to buy a small fish tank like yours immediately. Will do so today but don’t know if too late and if all these moves are doing more harm 😦 😦 😦

  3. Reena says:

    most caterpillars (at least that I know of) are host specific.. they feed on the host plants..
    Hi, I’m a stranger…. I have been reading your blog since day one (it’s like a therapy, you know…) – and enjoyed it very much…. you are VERY, VERY talented! Keep up the good work! 😀

    • Hi Reena – yes I think you’re probably right. But the host tree is dead. So far they seem to be feeding quite well on the leaves we’ve put in their cage (just not the fruit!) but we’ve had to move them into a different container and am worried all this moving isn’t good for them 😦

      Thank you so much for your very very kind comment – and for dropping by and staying to read all these months. Truly appreciated, Reena 🙂

  4. Yati Zainudin-Swanson says:

    So exciting!! I can’t wait to see them turn into butterflies…….or moths!!

  5. Viji Krishnamoorthy says:

    What a lovely transformation for the kids to watch!

  6. ‎@Imp – no – not yummy ;-p Those we care for become family 🙂

    @Yati – I certainly pray so! Conditions are not ideal…

    @Viji – I really hope that’s what happens Viji love. Fingers crossed X

  7. Karen Loong Thomas says:

    no more cocooning for us so far… the remainder 4 seem to be shrivelling and dying. 😦

  8. Hartini Zainudin says:

    I hope they make it- fingers and toes crossed!!

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