What Goddess Ate…

Have been totally inspired by this link that my GuruGoddess Floating Lemons sent me recently. Scrummyliciously casual food-styling totally telling some gastronomical daytime-soap with bleached-out but boldly-dramatic shots. I will one day actually style my shots. And use proper editing tools 😉 But till then – in tribute (ok … and palest imitation) I will, every Monday, post What Goddess Ate. Do drop by. There are gorgeous guest blogs slated to appear ♥

cucumber gaspacho, crab tartar with rhubarb, lobster bisque espuma, nathalie’s gourmet studio, january 2011.

i can’t tell you how this was constructed but i can say the alchemy is magical when cooking meets atmosphere here. where exquisite welcomes you as an intimate. thank you as always nathalie for goddessmoments seared on tongue and sealed in laughter. for the feminine and the bold. for layering pure delight in the savouring of the deep blue sea soaked in the freshness of a cool green garden.

pink princess barbie cake, february 19, 2011.

is cake dessert? a meal at tea? the cherry on your pink glitter & sugar icing at your birthday per chance? only if you happen to know the delectable pia zain azraai. love woven with pure genius in the swirls of  raspberry and vanilla. ohhhhh butter and cream! have you ever wanted to sink your face into cake and inhale? do it here. enjoy.


About goddessmoments

Am happiest when exploring our ever-shrinking big blue marble with my camera in hand.
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7 Responses to What Goddess Ate…

  1. Nur Suraya says:

    A friend is coming out with a book on food styling and photography. Will get you a copy. Due out in April. By which time you could be an expert already. 🙂 But, her draft copy is so beautiful and this is fitting.

  2. Errrr need to actually put that editing disc in my Mac first. Expertise may or may not then follow ;-)Thank you Su – would love a copy. xox

  3. Viji Krishnamoorthy says:

    But she’s a professional food stylist and photographer. I enjoy your blog and pictures too! xx

  4. Mariana Musa says:

    GuruGoddess is far too elevated a status for Floating Lemons methinks! And you are far surpassing any notions you had of not managing a photo a day … look at all you’ve achieved and the array of beautiful photographs you’re giving us so much pleasure with — definitely divine. Hungry now.

  5. Deborah Fiona Nonis says:

    My husband would say, cake is a meal, not necessarily for tea 🙂 But then he loves his sweets like most Austrians do – lunch is sometimes sweet dumplings or pancakes or kaiserschmarren with icing sugar or vanillesauce ……

  6. Nur Suraya says:

    Shireen, I will. Will send u a link to her site and to her blog. Look forward to more Monday postings. Always nice to read your postings, food, or otherwise. 🙂

  7. ‎@Viji – happy you enjoy my lil blog.

    @Ana – Thanks CuruGoddess 😉

    @Debs – I like this philosophy 🙂

    @Su – Thank you muchest X

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