Rare treat last night as I fell asleep to and with this…

And awoke to this…

Yeah she scooted out of bed first this morning 🙂

Oh and the shot above is making a guest appearance from theotherlittleblog today 😉 What can I say? It’s a busy day!

We’re heading out shortly for little Zara’s 3rd birthday bash. Happy Birthday Angel! The Birthday Train is on a loop. There’s another one tomorrow. SEVEN this upcoming week. We’ll be celebrating ONE all the way to FIFTY. Too much? Naaaaaah. We’ve learnt to roll when it rocks ♥

Oh and yesterday? We had  just another lovely mini birthday celebration for MissyZ and MissyL. Will be gowning up in RED for the big bash next weekend but till then we had this…

90 minutes door to airy atrium lies The Golden Palmtree Sepang. Where????? Exactement. Sepang is where one wears earplugs and watches very fast cars non? There is NO Palme D’Or but there are billowing drapes enshrouding intimate cabanas along an infinity pool as sweetly rustic villas on stilts straddle this newly-minted Goldcoast of Selangor.

Go now. While the paint, like the air, is still fresh.  And do have some steamed cod and salted egg prawn…

I’m off to have some birthday cake.



About goddessmoments

Am happiest when exploring our ever-shrinking big blue marble with my camera in hand.
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4 Responses to Birthdays…

  1. nadia says:


    Kids always manage to find cables and plugs.

  2. Jaslena Ahmad says:

    Your first pic here made me sigh……..a great big sigh…….. Talk about capturing the moment, you’ve aced it, Shireen!

    N the Goldcoast pics, u should seriously consider doing travel photography on a global level n make a name for yourself. U will be noticed n make a name for yourself in no time. Mark my words……

    ❤ xoxo

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