Oh Yeah Happy Love Day…

So yesterday was Valentines. And amidst all the ridiculousness of non-celebrating in this country (it’s just too bewildering to explain … I failed miserably with Sprog … who responded in 13-year-old-wisecracking-irony … *so do these people think celebrating Christmas is wrong then??* ) … errrrr yeah pretty much actually …

Yes amidst all that Spouse and I escaped to Melaka … where I was born … and  still one of my favourite places in the world ♥ to celebrate L.O.V.E. Let the powers-that-be do as they must. Here’s a hipstamatic journey of our lovefest 🙂

The Majestic Malacca…

… it reminds me of my grandmother’s home. A little posher. But the floorboards creak, the overhead fans whirr and sunlight filters through shuttered windows …

… where flowers are potted in Chinese cloisonne and there are jars of peanuts and sweets everywhere 🙂

I do love the smugness of being ahead in the queue…

… for seriously the scrummiest chicken rice balls. The chicken like the chilli sauce is fabulous but really almost incidental. It’s all the about those balls 😉

And in around Jonkers there’s the lotus parade…

… love …

… as I do the porthole windows.

And those who toil their trade…

… with shiny tools …

… to feed us soft-boiled eggs and kaya toast …

… and Nyonya laksa and kapitan chicken …

… and ohhhhhhh! kuih chang ♥

… I am always grateful and thank you with love.

And Chinese New Year celebrations are still ongoing  so we’re still loving our red lanterns…

And maybe for some … Valentines Weekend? It’s a good time for a wedding 🙂

As for us … We don’t do Hallmark or roses or overpriced set menus for two… But remembering all that we love? Hell yeah.


ps – Today we remember Prophet Mohammed’s (P.B.U.H) birthday. Salam Maulid-ur-Rasul. I think our Prophet would’ve loved Melaka too.



About goddessmoments

Am happiest when exploring our ever-shrinking big blue marble with my camera in hand.
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12 Responses to Oh Yeah Happy Love Day…

  1. Tengku Zurina Zainal says:


  2. Suhailah Hashim says:

    Happy Love’day.. Love the photos…

  3. Ras Adiba Radzi says:

    Love it,love the pics and love how you both celebrate your love

  4. Tini says:

    Did you bring Kuih Chang back for me?

  5. Thank you everyone. Errrrr no kuih chang but that’s a great excuse to go back!

  6. Jennifer Lui Bettini says:

    Love the photos and the way you capture the moments

  7. Karen Loong says:

    Stunning as usual!

  8. Fi Dunkley says:

    LOL! Gotta love sprog

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