A Girl Named Boo…

I was planning to wax lyrical about our recent greeting of The Rabbit Year – the comfort of family, the ensuing food coma – but will save that for another day. When hopefully words will flow from left cortex to fingertips more easily…

Instead …

As recently observed by Aunty A … when God created Sprig … he must have drawn her post-viewing the genius of Man in creating Monster’s Inc. Remember the laughter and squeals of Boo?

Flesh her out a little and meet Sprig ♥

I’ve said this before I know. But she continues to awe and delight me everyday. Doing the things Yearlings do.

It’s her newness and wonder. Brimming over with endless curiosity. Her absolute fearlessness. Navigating these wilds with unflagging energy in her baby steps – no – leaps.

How she never gives up. Ever. And if you stash the loot wayyyy above on the desktop, she will open the bottom drawer. Empty it of the envelopes and pens. Step in and stand up. Voila! And Sprig created stepladder. Treasure obtained. Ingenuity? Yearling logic. Magic 🙂

They’re just built this way aren’t they? Thinking out of and around a multi-dimensional box.

There are no mistakes. She will curl her little tongue around our language of speaking. Cause us Bigs only communicate this way 🙂

And so … SprigSpeak:

ayaa – ayah (Spouse) – everytime she sees him

maameee – Me (♥) – only when in need of …

melh – milk …

mummmum – food or …

anunnaa – banana

kehkah – KitKat (or any furry animal)

shhhhh – shoes/socks

pehs – press (every elevator button she sees)

deh – there (everything she sees that she wants)

buhbai – goodbye

It’s no biggy  Momma…

But it’s still magic ♥


About goddessmoments

Am happiest when exploring our ever-shrinking big blue marble with my camera in hand.
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7 Responses to A Girl Named Boo…

  1. Afizah says:

    Amazing… Mine has exactly the same vocab minus the kehkah!
    What a sweetheart.

  2. Nur Suraya says:

    Sigh… So sweet. :)))

  3. Ras Adiba Radzi says:

    She is definetly Boo, oh how is so love the movie. Hugs Baby Boo !

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