Exit The Tiger…

So tonight The Family meets to dine. To usher in The Year Of The Rabbit. The Littles will wait restlessly for their magical money-filled ang pows. The Biggs will wait patiently for the even-more-epic-than-last-year-wouldja-believe?! fireworks display. The Wise Ones … well they’ve seen it all. They wait for nothing. Yes all the generations will be present at The Reunion Dinner. The more things change the more they remain immutable:)

Entering The Tiger with Momma, Sprig, Oma. Reunion Dinner 2010

And so we bid goodbye to The Tiger. It’s been a roaring ride.

It looked a little like this 🙂


Hokkaido. January 2010

Happiness At The Tapir Sanctuary. January 2010

Two Months Old. The Prettiest Frog 😉


Blessings At Sprig's Cukur Jambul

A Garden Lunch, Cameron Highlands. February 2010

Momma & Sprog, In Search Of The Rafflesia. February 2010


The Great Wall Of China. March 2010

The Balloon Festival, Putra Jaya. March 2010

My Loves


Provence. April 2010


The Serpentine, London. April 2010


The Genius Of Yotam, London. April 2010



Redang Island. May 2010

Redang Island. May 2010

Toes 🙂

Tropical Nights


Cha-Am. June 2010

Singapore. June 2010

Mad Hatters. June 2010


Tennis Fever. July 2010

Anniversary Weekend At The Saujana Subang. July 2010

Sunday Hiking, Klang Gate Quartz Ridge. July 2010


Pangkor. August 2010

Ramadan Fireworks. August 2010

Family. August 2010


Singapore. September 2010

Eid Mubarak. September 2010

Phuket. September 2010


The Banjaran Resort, Ipoh. October 2010

Party! October 2010

RIP Toto. October 2010


The School Rounds, England. November 2010

Hari Raya Haji. November 2010

The Five Birthdays. November 2010

Penang. November 2010

Khartoum. November 2010


Wedding ♥ December 2010

Christmas 2010

Argentina. December 2010

Uruguay. December 2010


Sibling Lessons. January 2011


Little Sprig Sailor. January 2011

Manila. January 2011

Here’s to a Happy Healthy Bunny Year.



About goddessmoments

Am happiest when exploring our ever-shrinking big blue marble with my camera in hand.
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4 Responses to Exit The Tiger…

  1. jplistens says:

    My aim is to do half as much this year. I am inspired. Thanks for Sharing my dear.

  2. Happy to hear that babe 🙂 Anytime you need a travel /adventure buddy just holler! xox

  3. Tengku Zurina Zainal says:

    Fabulously captured moments. ~ Xīn Nián Kuài Lè ~

  4. Jennifer Lui Bettini says:

    Agree with Zu, fabulously captured moments.
    Xin Nian Hao to you and your beautiful family!!! xxx

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