… is how skin feels after 150 minutes of holistic spit and polish  at the Karabuning Spa in BangsarHood. I’ve been steeped in oriental flowers, burnished in their essence, sipped the healing nectar. I’ve had a Thai waif with elbows of titanium release tortured knots … ahhhhhhh the sweet exquisite pleasure of pain … my meridians are all manipulated into alignment. I’m all smoooooooothhhh 🙂

Just like this healthy stuff I’m sucking on as I’m typing…

Tutti Frutti Much?

Seriously smooth ♥

Or Red Velvet made with love by Miz Liz

Creamy. Crunchy. Oh so smooth…

Like our seamless re-entry into KL life this past week and a bit. There have been zero blogposts. But there have been schoolruns and classes and appointments with everyone and kids parties and adult birthdays and carpenters and upholsterers and electricians and tinkers and tailors and candlestick-makers. Ok that very last bit’s a lie – but there have been new neighbours and old friends and visitors and farewells and reunions and all of life this past week and a bit has just un-fold-ed. It’s hummed along happily without rising above that red-marker of hectic. All smooooooth-like 🙂

So yesterday we thought we’d try something new…

With Aunty Clauds and her boys…

And Poppa was really pretty not-bad-at-all considering it’s been about 10 years since last he did this…

And Sprog is getting there too 🙂

And me? I woulda shoulda I know I know but then there was also this…

… you know? Life and all unfolding smoothly? 😉

Next time.

For now there’s Uncle Mark to aspire to 🙂

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About goddessmoments

Am happiest when exploring our ever-shrinking big blue marble with my camera in hand.
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5 Responses to Smooth…

  1. Liza Ramli says:

    Phew! Thank you, missus. The pleasure, and ♥, was all mine! *beams uncontrollably*

  2. Claudine Zecha Simmons says:

    Brilliant pictures!!! Do when are you going to wakeboard?

  3. Feezy Alhady says:

    way to go for a goooddd sensational relaxation!!!!!! i loveeee it too

  4. Thank you Clauds and Feezy X

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