Eat Pray Love…

Hey KL … whassup in 2011? Touched back down on homeground yesterday with so much s.t.u.f.f. our cabbie on Juncal was bitching like a freshly manicured chipped nail at having to take us to Ezeiza International Airport when we left Buenos Aires. Pardon pardon pardon senor! Por favor?? Muchos gracias!!!

That dull hollow pang that lodges bricklike in my chest upon any return – disintegrates – magic red dust blowing,  as soon as I scoop and inhale my kids. Sprog gets it. He’s had his wild wicked work cut out keeping up with his cousin Tasch on the blacks of Cervinia. He’s happy ♥ And Sprig? We’ve left her a lot in her first year. It’s always such a wrench. But every single time my girl just breaks into the hugest grin and shnuggles, smelling like heaven, into that nook of me&herness babbling her sprigstories ♥ She has no concept of time. Was Momma away for 2 weeks or a 2 hour lunch?

And there is sooo much still that I could say about temping as a Portena. Much still undone. So when overwhelmed I turn as always to the soul of any culture – the serious business of eating ♥ The cocinas are rich and varied here. Pasta being practically as native as parillas. Seriously though when your cattle feed happily under iconic blue& white sunny skies on the green green grass of wide open pampas – what we humbly receive from them – flavoursaturated juicy tender happy cuts,  the unctuous caramel nectar they call dulce de leche, helado that should be placed in a frozen timecapsule so mankind never again repeats the mistake of Walls  – UNparalleled.

Think Hokkaido beef and Royce. I’m no expert. Just enthusiastic. But I’m just sayin’. There’s a pattern 🙂

And of course Footie Is Life in BsAs. Diego is Dios. The stadiums of River Plate and Boca Juniors are temples of worship. In  restaurants everywhere – framed pictures, mounted flags, shrines of devotion – scream their faith. Then more quietly more puzzlingly… there is HER …

Audrey. El Drugstore, Colonia, Uruguay. December 2010

Holly Golightly (♥) is everywhere. It’s a mystery why. And ok the above pic is actually taken on a daytrip to Colonia, Uruguay  … but this is how it is in BsAs too. Go figure then pray let me know why please.

Como en Casa, Buenos Aires. January 2011

Rodi Bar, Buenos Aires. January 2011

Teatriz, Buenos Aires. January 2011

Just a teeny sampling of what was on offer here 🙂

••• ••• •••

Cause if I were forced to pick ONE singular meal in BsAs … it would have to be lunch at El Obrero in La Boca …

In this gritty working-class barrio – home to the Boca Juniors – lays ‘The Worker’. One is advised not to come alone especially at night. But from Bono to Wim Wenders they pilgrim here to eat. It is simple with good food. Perfectly grilled meats, steaming traditional stews, tangy fresh salads, fat stuffed omelettes, divine slabs of grilled herb-crusted cheeses, liqueur-soaked flan with dulce de leche, excellent Malbecs …

We arrive early and our cabbie waits till we’re inside before he leaves. There are only 2 other tables occupied. By the time we’re on our mains El Obrero is full. By dessert there is a queue outside. There is a comforting buzz of neighbourly camaraderie here. Many know each other. On one other table lays an English guidebook. The table next to us seats a 15 year old with his dad and his 15 year old Pene Cruz lookalike girlfriend celebrating his birthday. They live 20kms outside BsAs. This place is special. This is a treat. His eyes sparkle as he points out his sporting heros that line the walls. Practising his English. They are friendly, warm, so welcoming. They all are. There is nothing remotely intimidating in here…

There is much weight of history. A deep appreciation of food and friendship. This is magic.

And this is a terrible 360 shot 🙂 But you get the idea.

Go. Eat Pray Love. Nothing else matters 🙂



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Am happiest when exploring our ever-shrinking big blue marble with my camera in hand.
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10 Responses to Eat Pray Love…

  1. Nur Suraya says:

    Am salivating over the photo of lamb cutlets. Tell us how you bid farewell to the landlady? Cause, of trips like these… we can only dream. 😉 xox

  2. Ahhh the Patagonian Lamb is very good Su. I hope you do make it out there one day 🙂
    How I bid her farewell? With some Malbec and medialuna (croissants) with dulce de leche – I went native very quickly with my eating habits 😉

  3. Karina Shah says:

    Shireen, ur amazing! I love your stories.

  4. Zaida Shaari says:

    Happy New Year babe….we catching up soon ya? X

  5. Nur Suraya says:

    This is Bon Voyage. 🙂

  6. Liza Ramli says:

    Welcome home! Thank you for sharing. A lovely piece that their tourism office should pay you for. Wish I had asked you to bring home a jar of dulce de leche for me, or at least the goat’s milk condensed milk that they use to make it.

  7. Yasmin Yusuff says:

    Bienvenidos a Malasia!! Hope to see you soon!xxx

  8. @Karina – awwwwww thank you babe. Happy you enjoy reading XoX

    @Zai – yes are we meeting for brekkie with Zan?

    @Su – was a pretty awesome break 🙂

    @Liza – Thank you 🙂 I brought a load of DDL home but have given away most of it already 😦 Will scoop some for you from my jar at home ok?

    @Minnie – Thank you babe. Yes will sms you XOX

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