Paper Love…

The more you read, the more things you will know.  

The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.

– Dr Seuss –

I’m a bit of a bookshop whore and will admit to having loved indiscriminately.

But I may now have found my favourite bookshop in the world ♥

But before I introduce My New Love I absolutely have to of course mention – the truly magnificent – much-touted Grande Dame of Buenos Aires’ bookshops. In a city where almost everyone is a writer incidentally 😉 El Ateneo will cause your jaw to thwack that green velveteen carpet upon entering. The former El Teatro Gran Splendid … one-time home to the greatest tango performances is now… this…

El Ateneo, Barrio Norte, Buenos Aires. January 2011

Click to expand… seriously you want to see this…

Yes, The Guardian, has named El Ateneo the second best bookshop in the world. Who wears the crown does anyone know? Cause it would be near impossible to imagine anything touching this in scale and grandeur.

There are red velvet sofas to sink into on every floor. Box seats anyone? And coffee and dulce de leche is served centre-stage as cherubs fly overhead 🙂

It is staggering ♥


But across the city, on a quiet tree-lined street in Palermo, I stumbled  through tall black doors set beneath a giant rose-pink star … and smack into love ♥ For upon crossing the threshold my breath caught and my palms prickled. All senses flew. And sang with joy and gratitude…

Eterna Cadencia Libros, Palermo, Buenos Aires. January 2011

Eterna Cadencia Libros. Books Of Eternal Rhythm.

Ohhhhh it’s just beautiful. Quietly beautiful. Elegant. Respectfully solemn.


Welcoming. Warm. Earthy.

LOVE for the printed word on parchment, for discovery, for learning, is palpable. Books books books in ordered stacks piles rows. Warm wood. Dark and gleamingly polished by passion and perusing.

The owner smiles over his glasses, gestures a welcome with an upturned palm and gets back to… reading. Feel free… wander… thumb… settle…

There is the tiniest selection of English-language books. But I’m flying high on the narcotics of ink on new paper. The thrill of creasing these virgin spines. Fingering these photographs, those drawings. I am suddenly overwhelmed with a  desire to learn Spanish ♥ Cause there is this need to inhale everything in these warren like rooms…

Oooh and the courtyard is glassed over. Weatherproof. Hip and fresh with old parchment lanterns and a gorgeous nook of a bar…

Curl up, write, reference, ponder. Feed your soul with the bread of books

I’m in love and this one’s for keeps ♥


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Am happiest when exploring our ever-shrinking big blue marble with my camera in hand.
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12 Responses to Paper Love…

  1. Afizah says:

    Wow wow WOW!!!!
    Wish I could have been there.

  2. asra says:

    WOW! gorgeousness 🙂

  3. Nur Suraya says:

    OMG!!! Orgasmic!!! 🙂 If you found out who’s in the lead, do let me know.

  4. Lisa Lim says:

    Oh. My. God.

  5. Tengku Zurina Zainal says:

    Indeed Splendid….smell of the books, papers …and coffee …ooh…

  6. Yati Zainudin-Swanson says:


  7. Leena Rashid says:

    Only the second best?! I could be lost in this temple for days, weeks!

  8. Lisa Lim says:

    Leena don’t bluff! I’m guessing you could go missing for an entire year! Willingly! 😀

  9. Hey everyone – have just edited this post cause I realise that with my rambling way of thinking and writing, some of you may not have realised that i was talking about TWO separate bookshops. The gobsmacking El Ateneo and – MY NEW LOVE – the much more low-key Eterna Cadencia Libros 🙂 Thanks all. X

  10. Viji Krishnamoorthy says:

    They are both absolutely breath taking Shireen! What a gem of a find! Enjoy! xx

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