Playboys And Peronists continued…

I have a huge crush on trees. And in Buenos Aires  these beauties line up to welcome you …

The Awesome Otherworldness Of Palo Borracho (Drunken Branch) ♥

In BA hard as you angle your viewfinder sometimes … the vandalism still mars the magnificent …

Oh and here’s another from my 360 iPhone App album. Still practising 🙂

Embassy Row & Spouse

I love this app ♥

And every visitor to this city will pilgrim here it would seem …

RIP Maria Eva Duarte de Peron

Me? I thought Madge did a good job 😉

What I love though about the Cementerio de la Recoleta is how it must’ve inspired just about every movie with fallen angels or the undead or anything set in a cemetery. It’s noble, exalted and opulent … and largely abandoned. Totally overthetop in that pharaohs and pyramids sort of way…

Oh and another 360 App offering of the cemetery …

… chatting and strolling through the lanes of the most expensive real estate in the city. Can’t move in whilst you’re still alive though 😉

And after all that one might want to pop in next door and Say A Prayer 😉

Basilica Nuestra Senora del Pilar



About goddessmoments

Am happiest when exploring our ever-shrinking big blue marble with my camera in hand.
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One Response to Playboys And Peronists continued…

  1. Excelso Ventura Jr says:

    yes, i felt it was nice to die there when i saw it. even contemplated killing myself just be among these glorious dead.

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