The Thing About Santa…

So we had our Family Christmas Lunch yesterday. And much as I fret and fuss about everything leading up to our annual tradition, it’s one of the highlights of my year. Cause it’s all about family and food 😉 and love ♥

And I love that this year I brought out treasured old ornaments once-bought for Sprog and now loved by Sprig too…

Teddy And His Green Balloon

… and that this year Sprog and I made our own a sugar-salt-scub that we jarred and ribboned and labelled to gift to loved ones…

Sugar Salt Scrub Made With Love By The Briggs-Zainudin-Lowe Tribe ♥

And this is really what got me going this Christmas… Short story coming up 🙂

I have long ceased to leave out cookies and milk, to be crumbled and swigged, before morning, for Santa at night. Sprog is way past that age ;-( And I figured I could start with Sprig next year when she might actually get what it’s all about. So  there were no pressies from Santa under the tree this year. Or so I thought…

For Sprig From Santa Sprog ♥

But this is what I found under the tree yesterday. And Sprog denies any knowledge although the writing and spelling is his 🙂 Cause he still remembers that magic. That thing about Santa. And wants it for his little Sprig too ♥♥♥

And I’m welling as I type this. Yes pathetic I know. But my all-grown-up Sprog? He does me proud.

Magical Christmas all! And may Santa visit your home as he did ours ♥



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Am happiest when exploring our ever-shrinking big blue marble with my camera in hand.
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7 Responses to The Thing About Santa…

  1. Pia says:

    Oh my dear, how absolutely beautiful. What a wonderful boy you have! :):):)

  2. Tini says:

    Makes me teary…brother’s love for his sister!

  3. Afizah says:

    Aaaaw, you’ve passed the torch and can rest easy that you’ve raised’im good now.

  4. Karen Loong says:

    Crying now…. Aaarghhhhh Shireen!

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