The Pyramids Of Meroe…

It’s been TEN days since my last blogpost! I think I needed to let a little air out for a while. Float gently down and just s-e-t-t-l-e for a bit after the weeks and months of taut shiny busy-ness. Pinging around manically meeting deadlines on the tightest overspilling multitude of competing schedules. And Busy is always humming in the background but we’re striving to keep its volume below the red mark … even as Much is always looming… So I’ve had real conversations, read half a book, had all-day brunches, savoured my food,  even cooked a little, sat on my sofa, pondered the tree and oh! – I’m making my christmas presents this year! – this is huge for someone addicted to the swiping of plastic 😉

And now have finally returned to journey back to The Pyramids Of Meroe. Remember Sudan? I was there like forever ago 🙂

The Sandy Sudanese Highway. November 2010

Us. Just before flailing around in search of The One True North. Before shredded hot rubber?

But finally we found tarmac. And sustenance in a  shack in Shendi. And shortly after… this…

Approaching The 2000 Year Old Pyramids Of Meroe

Rising ever so casually from the sands just off some highway 2oo km north of Khartoum.

Zoom in and enlarge this. Cause I’m limited to this width on all horizontal shots here.

But this approach right here had me welling up. Yes cause we’d finally arrived 🙂 But much more so because of that stillness. That emptiness. The simple unpretentious grace in these ancient mounds. These silent ignored burial grounds. These monumental homages to the rulers of a proud ancient civilisation. Those who walked these burning sands many many many lifetimes ago. It was humbling. I was So. Profoundly. Privileged ♥

And a galloping speck approached…

One of the camel-riders. Who waited under the scorching sun for visitors. Who numbered … just us …

And don’t wade up this sea of sand in flip-flops like we did. Cause that falling flowing sand? It totally sears what used to be your feet to perfection 😉

But I’ll take those singed sandbaked trotters thank you and raise you this view…

… this feeling …

Tripping the goldenlaserhotlight fanfreakingtastic.

I was there forever ago ♥



About goddessmoments

Am happiest when exploring our ever-shrinking big blue marble with my camera in hand.
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5 Responses to The Pyramids Of Meroe…

  1. Mariana says:

    Missed you, but wow you made good use of your time. Wonderful shots.

  2. nadia says:

    Beautiful photographs of an amazing place! I love visiting places that have so much history associated with them. Thank you for taking us there 🙂

  3. Tini says:


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