Best Eats Khartoum…

So leaving aside the Ethiopian (seriously superb – probably my favourite meal here) and the Lebanese and the indifferent generic ‘international’ fare of colonial hotels (think club sandwiches and chicken cordon bleu) what we really wanted was just some local grub. And the little shack in Shendi that served as our pitstop on the way to the Meroe Pyramids? Wellll … will give that one a miss 🙂

But serendipity? How sweetly do you tease and treat? Love on my tongue, comfort my insides, sing with my soul?? ♥

After a long tiring day scouring the souks we saw the crowds. A nondescript gap in a rundown row. Overlooking the Nile.

Fresh Nile Fish said our driver.

That they batter oh-so-lightly and fry oh-so-crisply. And serve with soft warm bread and sparkling fresh salad. Tomatoes and rocket so full of flavour I almost wept. Served on a large communal tray for all to love and partake in. Fingers dipping and ripping. It is divine. Simply so.

Awadia, Khartoum. November 2010

And here they eat alone, they eat with their families. Cackling matriarchs, friendly boys, shy children. It is joyous. Within ochre and grapefruit walls, the solid earth and a tin roof. Who knew?

Then yesterday of course we had to go for The Authentic Khartoum Eating Experience a la Spouse. A chaotic traffic-choked trek across to the Kandahar Sheep and Camel Market. You pick your stall. You pick your meat. You pick your cuts. They chop. They cook. You sit on string beds and eat. And you must must wash it all down with The Drink. Yoghurt and sprite mixed with a non-alcoholic corn-based beer. Uh-huh.

And there is dust everywhere and crusted grime. And close in on the pic above. Yes there are flies all over my salad-to-be …

Flies all over my 4 o’clock lunch. But they are friendly and proud of their food, their cooking, their cuisine. So I stop fanning them flies away and just avert my eyes … don’t look don’t look

Restaurant, Kandahar Market, Khartoum. November 2010

Then she takes over with spatula and pan …

All shy-smiling and pride-filled. With a little salt and lime …

And you know what? It was GOOD. Very good 🙂

And here’s a fab clip of Spouse doing his thing. He’s gooood!

He’s reading this … 😉


About goddessmoments

Am happiest when exploring our ever-shrinking big blue marble with my camera in hand.
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5 Responses to Best Eats Khartoum…

  1. Juarez Lowe says:

    Love the pics baby! Glad you came!

  2. nadia says:

    For an authentic experience and delectable food like that, I’d have no problem ignoring the flies!

    Thank you also for sharing the beautiful pictures. I’m usually shy when taking pictures of strangers, but you just inspired me 🙂

  3. Love this photostory. I love the image of the woman sitting over the fire, with her back turned to the camera. But there is something very powerful about her.

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