The Long Dusty Road…

So yesterday we headed off into Nubian territory in search of the 2000 year old Pyramids of Meroe north of Khartoum. Not as old nor as colossal and nowhere near as well-known as The Great Pyramid(s) of Egypt. Really who’s heard of them?? Ahhhhh – perfect!

And although there is the Naga Archaeological Site nearby, Spouse and I decide to give that a miss (next time!) as our time here is pretty limited…

Leaving Khartoum requires a permit and our driver assures us all is in order. It’s 8am…

Nooooo it’s 8.45am and we’ve been to 3 police stations but no one’s around and we have no permit. We have a member of the security police accompanying us. As one does. Buddy of our driver. Naturally. So we head out anyway. All will be fine he says. We’ll just get the permits in Bagrawiyah. I lived in the Middle East for years. I know how this works. Oh! Ok!

A quick 3 hour ride up the tarmac.

But 3 hours later…

How cool is it that I didn’t have my mouth hanging open? 😉

And all of a sudden Mohamed Al Hadid (yes our driver) swerves off the tarmac…

Errrrr … whassup Mohamed Al Hadid?

This is the way he insists…

And we do this for hours … seriously …

And this would be the only traffic we saw incidentally…

And Spouse and I are signing each other to go with the flow. C’est la vie! Let’s enjoy the ride 🙂

And I’d forgotten how much I love the desert. I used to camp a lot. On deserted beaches, by the dunes and in the wadis of the United Arab Emirates and Oman. Before package tourists invaded. Before Al-Maha charged USD 500 a night to sleep in a tent 🙂

And nothing is ever as sweet as the desert after the rain. The palest palest shade of the freshest freshest prickly green grass just sprouts and spreads. It’s like someone smeared lime sherbet all over toasted earth ♥

I’m savouring this emotional jaunt through a life once lead…

And look! Handal. Poisonous but just so lovely ♥

And it only gets better when a water-bearer wanders by…

All friendly curiousity 🙂

But hang on??

Why have we stopped here Mohamed Al Hadid?

To see the Naga Sites.

Errr… nope! We were skipping that remember??

AND he can’t find them anyway…


So he floors it as we’re painfully rocking around literally in circles.

I know that third rock from the left bend in the dirt track

It’s all changing. That sherbet’s all melting. Just like that.

Suddenly we’re in a very very s.l.o.w. blindingly hot Clint Eastwood movie…

Y’know? With cracked soil. And silent mean men??

Then it happens. Of course.

The tyre blows.

And shredded hot rubber?

It’s never a good thing.


ps: We got to the pyramids in the end. Over 6 hours later. They were stunning ♥ But that’s a whole other blog post 🙂

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Am happiest when exploring our ever-shrinking big blue marble with my camera in hand.
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3 Responses to The Long Dusty Road…

  1. nadia says:


    Can’t wait to read about the pyramids in your next post!

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