Great V…

This really should be a post on Great Procrastinations, Plans and Protestations.

But my humble offering this much-delayed day…

The Great Pyramids, Giza. 1990

Uh-huh The Great Ones are a trip down Timeless Lane ♥

So in amongst all the prescient pressing goings-on these days, I’ve been privileged to wander all-too-briefly into Nostalgia Town (thank you KLT ♥)  All sepia-toned and  love-saturated. Strong stirrings of longing for a bygone age have been evoked so I’ll  be scanning some (more) old(er) ones…

When I find that elusive thing called time 🙂



About goddessmoments

Am happiest when exploring our ever-shrinking big blue marble with my camera in hand.
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2 Responses to Great V…

  1. ninotaziz says:

    I have some plants for you. Give them a few days, to see them settled in their pots. They are in plastic pots so that you can transfer them to pots of your liking.

    For cooking:
    Curry, Ginger, pandan
    A young pomegranate – so that it can grow with Julia.
    The lemongrass is in a pot, give it 2weeks, if it is okay, you can have it

    For cuts and stuff Aloe vera – 2plants

    One mosquito plant

    Well, that’s for starters. Really it would be good if we can go to Sg buloh and get you some pots.

    Bye for now… I am so into french poetry at the moment.

  2. Thank you thank you thank you. Love the idea of Pomegranate and Sprig growing together. And your Rodin post was inspiring 🙂

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