RIP Toto…

I’m totally behind on my daily posts. Yes it’s been ridiculously hectic round these parts.

But yesterday the hectic turned into heartbreak. Sprog’s pet African Leopard Tortoise, Toto, was attacked by a monitor lizard and he didn’t survive the bite to his face. The vet said he wouldn’t have survived a bite to his leg – monitor lizard bites are that toxic 😦

Toto had been a hugely-loved member of our family for over 10 years. He arrived when Sprog was a wee 2 year old and moved with us from Dubai to KL 8 years ago. He never knew he was a tortoise ♥ I think he thought he was just one of us. Scratching to come indoors when we were. Crawling over to rest on your belly when you were laying out in the sun. Loving painted toenails cause they looked like food 🙂

And it is unbearably difficult watching your child’s heart breaking. His grief inconsolable. But Sprog has found a lovely final resting spot for his beloved Toto. On a grassy slope under a sapling behind our home.  We love you tons and tons Toto and will never forget you. Rest In Peace in Pet Heaven.


A 2 year old DinoSprog and Toto



You Wanna Ride With Me Toto?



Breakfast Before Heading Off To School



Here's One More For You



Sprog's 10th Birthday Cake Was A Tribute To Toto



Loving You Always Toto


And Toto was just getting to know Sprig and only showed her endless patience ♥ And you can watch them together here.

To our brave warrior Toto who fell in battle and remained heroic yet loving till the end.


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Am happiest when exploring our ever-shrinking big blue marble with my camera in hand.
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6 Responses to RIP Toto…

  1. Pia says:

    RIP Toto. Much love to Sprog and all the family xxx

  2. tini zainudin says:

    Oooohhh!!! Am tearing… Poor Alexander! RIP, Toto!lovely photos and tribute.

  3. Natascha says:

    These pictures are so lovely. I’m still in shock. Much love to everyone in Malaysia, we’re all devastated here too. xox

  4. ras adiba radzi says:

    Gosh…so so sorry dear Sprog. Don’t worry he will be watching you from the heavens.
    RIP dear Toto. Hugs,Aunty Deep

  5. goddessmoments says:

    Thank you A. Tini, A. Deep and Tascha X

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