Hey Ninot…

Every now and then the totally unexpected just happens. And yet you just knoww that cosmic intersection must’ve been lining up awhile. And this was just meant to be 🙂

Like my old old old friend Ninot contacting me after not just mere years of zero speak but ahem! – it had indeed been decades. And I knew absolument nada about her other than at 14 we both wore our hair in bunches and attended gymnastics training at Stadium Negara together. I think there may have been a couple of trips to Penang and I’m guessing we whupped the Island Girl Gymnasts up north – but maybe not 🙂

Anyway Ninot it turns out is Pretty. Much. Amazing. She’s written books on Malaysian legend & folklore, writes poetry in Malay, English and French, mothers FIVE girls and … you know how I’ve said that October is the month my Potted Herb Garden comes into being?? Well one of her many many blogs is called Ninot’s Herbs In Pots! So guess who’s supposedly coming to tea next week to actually get down and dirty on my roofdeck?? 😉

Though I still don’t know if I want a Cooking Herb Garden or a Spa Herb Garden Ninot ♥

De toute facon, in honour of planetary alignment  and a ninotaziz poem entitled Behold The Last Drop I’m posting this pic…

And watch this space for The Potted GoddessGarden For Slurping & Soaking ♥



About goddessmoments

Am happiest when exploring our ever-shrinking big blue marble with my camera in hand.
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2 Responses to Hey Ninot…

  1. Ninotaziz says:

    My,my! I am smiling in the dark while hubby is watching reruns of Desperate Wives. He loves stories featuring confident beautiful ladies and younger loves…

    You are lovely. And we’ll get the garden underway. Once we stop chatting, exclaiming, remembering.

    Thank you for such a sweet post!

    Will get to the FB post on special kids. Typing on Ipad is a chore!

  2. tini zainudin says:

    I love cosmic reallignments and connections. Yay on herb garden and renewed friendships! Ooh…the universe conspires…

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