Tutu Tuesday…

I was awoken this morning by fuzzy yellowballs booming like canonballs across the blue hardcourt at Arthur Ashe. The crowd was baying the way they do – the way only they can do – in Noo Yawk. The sky was roaring too, awesomely gushing torrents of magnificent rain from a curiously serene gunmetal sky. Jungle creepers snaked like magical mini rivers from jungle trees. Oh hang on! That’s myjungletree, mysky outside mybalcony. But maybe it’s oursky – yoursky too NY, cause play is suspended.

It was the sort of morning drama that called for doing something. Something bold and meaningful. It made me want to plant a whole rainforest! Ok maybe just my herb & spice garden. Alright I’d have settled for finally answering those two emails that’ve been sitting in my inbox for the last 3 weeks. Or at least reading them. The ones to do with Schools & Sprog. Ok too late! Wasted too much time on the meaning of bold and meaningful. Was late for Sprig’s music class. So in honouring drama and boldness she wore a tu-tu to-class to-day 🙂

They’re performing in a concert in October so she’s practising hard 🙂 And star pupil Rania is showing her the moves…

And Sprig? Well Sprig is definitely maybe tentatively eager ♥

And come October, I’ll be as proud as Rafa’s momma was today ♥

And will have replied to those emails and picked my herbs 🙂


About goddessmoments

Am happiest when exploring our ever-shrinking big blue marble with my camera in hand.
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6 Responses to Tutu Tuesday…

  1. Rizal Z Zainudin says:

    Omg!! What move is Rania doing? Looks like something from a kung fu Wing Chun move….

  2. Mariana says:

    She is just too cute …!

  3. tini zainudin says:

    She’s doing the ‘wave’ and ‘sweep’…cool moves! And check out Ms. Julia in her tutu!! She looks like a pink cupcake-scrumpscious!

  4. Jaslena says:

    Julia is just WAY too delicioussssss…….!

    I love your pics, Shireen. Keep em com in’ !


  5. Natascha says:

    SO CUTE!!! Is Julia walking yet?

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