Hello World…

Yesterday I resurfaced into the world after a weekend sunk so deliciously deep in the depths of my cool-white-pillow-heaven-and-warm-snuggly-duvet-haven. Season 6 of Grey’s Anatomy completed – hadn’t watched anything in… forever… was behind on everything. And I really have the loveliest family and friends who always ensure I catch up on what I miss out on. In every way 🙂

So thank you so much MyMom for the perfectly-pressed-rice of your ketupat, four types of rendang and kuah kacang. HRH for the generous portions of char koay teow and curry noodles – complete with choice of thick yellow mee or luscious white meehoon – oh with kerang! CV!! Your mystical elusive pesto. What can I say!? My heart sings as my tastebuds prostrate in awe ♥ And the prettiest freshest most flavour bursting tomato salad too. Darling Hat for the dreamy creamy crumbly icing slathered butter cake. Oh and Spouse for the Royce and stealing the Red Velvet from MyMom’s too 🙂  Loved it all and am humbly grateful.

And I took no hostages nor pictures 🙂

So here’s something else I didn’t take after resurfacing… from diving with saltwater crocs in the swamps of the Andaman Islands…

The Andaman Islands. 1994

And there’s absolutely a lead into/a link between preamble and pic 🙂

And yes I’m 3 posts behind 🙂



About goddessmoments

Am happiest when exploring our ever-shrinking big blue marble with my camera in hand.
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