… and I’ve missed my Thursday blogpost deadline 🙂

Because today I had my first session of rolfing. No that isn’t rolling on the laughing floor. But almost 2 hours of soft-tissue manipulation and it was… surprising. Enlightening in more ways than one. And I left on feet that have never felt more aware or grounded, yet trippily oh-so-lightheadedly relaxed I was almost the walking comatose. Try it! I will be back for more 🙂

And now after a lovely long evening of friends family and conversation, where the food was almost a supporting act, I’ll say a midnight goodnight with one of my favourite shots taken recently on Redang Island ♥

Redang. May 2010

And Heavenly Rolfing is available by appointment at The Pilates Studio, Level 2, Wisma Perintis, Damansara Heights.


About goddessmoments

Am happiest when exploring our ever-shrinking big blue marble with my camera in hand.
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One Response to Midnight…

  1. Pia says:

    I only see stars like that at home. May be its seeing with the heart, but they seem so perfect in the Malaysian night sky. Never like that anywhere else.

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