… began today. A whole month of abstinence and reflection. And whilst I confess to occasionally and shamelessly! indulging in the viral commercialisation that is so much a part of  Modern Day Ramadan – the colourful bazaars, the vast spreads… I actually really appreciate this month of quieter days. The rituals of breaking fast with family – both blood and bonded, the palpable feel of community in the air. And Ramadan Eve last night, we went as always to our favourite mosque across the road for Terawih Prayers…

Pray Commune Nourish



About goddessmoments

Am happiest when exploring our ever-shrinking big blue marble with my camera in hand.
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2 Responses to Ramadan…

  1. ras adiba radzi says:

    Love the lady in the maroon/pink baju kurung! ; )
    Thank you for sharing this magical and spiritual moments. Selamat berpuasa Shireen to you and family! Hugs,Deep

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