So On Our Way To Breakfast This Morning…

… Spouse and I stopped off to hike the Klang Gates Quartz Ridge. As one does Sunday mornings naturally. A hike along the quartz ridge of a reservoir… ohhhhh fab… like the one in Central Park!! But more rustic. Gorgeous Yay!!!

??? ??? OR NOT!!!

It IS stunning and exhilarating but SERIOUSLY GUT-BUSTING HARD WORK!!! And you’ll need to scramble claw slide creep (sometimes using ropes) along a narrow quartz ridge of sharprockyoutcrop-and-thickrootedshrubland  for 22kms so bring gloves and wear longs… we didn’t!

And I think I’ll post something on our sweatdrenched comedy of painful errors in my travelblog ( well mebbe 🙂 ) but for now… *note to self for next time*… nasi lemak bungkus 🙂

The upside? Even in flat light this really IS a beautiful world we live in ♥

Though why is Kampung Klang Gates to be found in the nether regions of Taman Melawati and not in Klang?? Just wondering??


About goddessmoments

Am happiest when exploring our ever-shrinking big blue marble with my camera in hand.
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8 Responses to So On Our Way To Breakfast This Morning…

  1. Mariana says:

    Far too rajin for me .. but wow what amazing photos!

  2. YasminSuleiman says:

    On Kampung Klang gates : very likely because its existence within the region of the Klang Valley. I’ll be a bit of a geek here and link you this –

    On your hike : oh, what a way to spend your days. : ) And this just literally in our backyard. The view of our apt (circa 20yrs back or so) use to be a view of the quartz ridge, its lovely. And its supposed to be the longest and oldest one on earth too.

    Postscript : I love what you do. The pics are gorgeous.

  3. Tini Zainudin says:

    I agree with Ana…gorgeous photos but not what I’d do on a Sunday morning! Give me my newspapers and cappucino, preferably while I’m in bed! You both such the happenning,active couple! I’m sooooo malas!

    • Hahaha – believe me – today I was The Accidental Hiker! Thought it would be wayyy gentler than it was! You know marginally more strenuous than strolling along the Central Park reservoir:) Little did I know… And yes I definitely need my papers and steaming cuppa days too X

  4. Juarez Lowe says:

    Had the steaming cuppa afterwards with roti canai 🙂

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