Chow Kids…

Yesterday’s posting got me thinking about some photos I took last year for a website someone wanted to set up about a project she was doing on the Chow Kit Shelter for street kids here in KL. So I thought I’d post a few pics…

… because it’s one of the causes I support and hugely care about. It’s a 24-hour safehouse providing food, shelter and activities for kids who often spend nights, literally on the streets, when they can’t go home for many many mad bad sad reasons.

Pusat Aktiviti Kanak-kanak Chow Kit, Yayasan Nur Salam. August 2009

And because it was so painstakingly set up and is so utterly passionately run by the insanely-put-upon Dr Tini. Yes that would be Big Sister.

The overwhelming response to the shelter has since led to the necessary establishment of the KL Krash Pad, an upcoming sanctuary camp, subdivisions into age groups, greater advocacy of children’s rights… the list is pretty endless of all that Big Sister and her unflagging team do for these Chow Kids.

And these kids – they’re just gorgeous 🙂 xox


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