Lourmarin. One of the most beautiful villages in France – yes this is official – there is a list – somewhere. Albert Camus lived and wrote here. Mariana Musa lives and draws here still 🙂 This was taken on Market Day – Friday. A gloriously sunny day in an otherwise chilly spring week this past April… all that gorgeous Provencale light threw the most dramatic shadows on the walls as we walked down the tree-lined street to our car… What can I say? Quel beau reve xox


About goddessmoments

Am happiest when exploring our ever-shrinking big blue marble with my camera in hand.
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3 Responses to Lourmarin…

  1. Mariana says:


    BTW I finally visited Albert Camus’s grave at the local cemetery, must upload the pic to show you! Next time, you’re coming along …

  2. Absolument Cherie! BTW I just inserted your link to Floating Lemons in the above post – only just learned to do this – sorry 😦 !! Better late than never but yesterday had 98 hits (my second most – am fledgling blogger:)) so wish I had done it sooner! Bisous mon amour 🙂

  3. Make that 105 😉 Thank you ALL who have visited! xox

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