Secret stashes…

There’s a secret drawer in my fridge. Well not so much secret – more of a goody drawer. MY goody drawer. Others may from time to time – with permission – partake in the loot. But almost never the Royce 🙂

And next door in the freezer is Sprog’s sinful stash. I pulled it out cause it’s enormous! Those are normal-sized bananas by the way. He doesn’t really need to keep his mint choc chip icecream a secret. It never lasts long enough for anyone else to get a look in or lick 🙂

So lastly – Sprig’s little stash of all things yummilicious. Really does warm the heart to see plastic that’s colourful and actually healthy! We have here papaya, pear, tomato & cauliflower, broccoli & potato, peas, sweet potato… oooh… lovely!

But what IS that wayyyyy in the back?? Had honestly never noticed it til taking this pic – which is why I love how taking photographs opens up my eyes to the world around me – as I said – the not-so-teeny minutiae of my world. Ahhhhhh – it’s Spouse’s liquidised grain & potato – a little fermented perhaps?? Well here’s to us and our not-so-secret stashes 😉 xox


About goddessmoments

Am happiest when exploring our ever-shrinking big blue marble with my camera in hand.
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One Response to Secret stashes…

  1. I’ve been looking at that last pic and am perhaps worryingly drawn to it… it’s the comfort and lolly-like wholesomeness of tubs of jewel-coloured frosted fruit then as my eye wonders back the Absolut promise of elevation to a purer ethereal plane ;-p What an incongruously perfect combination! Hmmmmm am gonna have a cuppa and some Royce now…

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